World of Warcraft Discipline Priest Talents

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Being a disc priest myself as a main character i know just how important talents are remember they are not set in stone and you should always be switching them around to suit the fight. For example if your on a heavy stacking fight then Divine Star should be taken over Cascade and if your in a 25 man group that doesn't stack every much then you could take Halo over Cascade.

Now with the recent buff in 5.4 to Divine Insight for a disc priest Body and Soul should be taken this mean everytime you use Penanace you can place a new Power Word: Shield on the tank even if they have the Weakened Soul  Debuff which will grant the buff Body and Soul You can even overlap shields on a target.

This should be your most used raiding build as a disc Priest in a 10 man team you will always find yourself switching talents around at different boss fights thats normal.